The Queen’s Chelsea Flower Show

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A Very Special Commission

Commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society, organisers of the world famous Chelsea Flower Show, this very special brooch design was created to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee. As with all our private design commissions, we treated this with the same care and dedication as we provide to all our clients.

Her Majesty has been a patron of the Royal Horticultural Society charity for decades and the Society approached us to design a unique token of appreciation to mark Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee. It became our role to capture this sentiment in the design of the brooch and so we presented the Society with a design that showcased a strong horticultural identity and subtle features that only Her Majesty, and the people she allows close enough to her, could appreciate. For this very reason, only one official image of the brooch has been shared with the public.

This particular design journey began with the Society sharing elements of their vision. We created a hand-rendered artwork and after presenting the design to the Society, the design was submitted to Her Majesty for her approval. Once this official Royal approval was granted, we set to work.

Meetings were held during the making progress of the brooch. During these sessions, we presented the Society with things such the hand-carved wax model that would later be crafted in gold. We also explained the traditional filigree elements we incorporated into the design as a nod to our founder’s Icelandic heritage. In addition to the techniques we used, the materials we chose for this commission were just as considered. In line with the Society’s focus on environmental sustainability and appreciation of nature, we chose to use 100% recycled gold as well as over 100 ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, including a conflict-free natural yellow diamond set at the centre of the brooch.

The Chelsea Diamond Jubilee brooch was presented by the Royal Horticultural Society to Her Majesty at the Chelsea Flower Show 2012. We had the honour of being in attendance when the brooch was presented and provided Her Majesty with a little history of the piece.


Chelsea Flower Show – Opening the British Summer Season

For over 60 years, Queen Elizabeth II has attended the Chelsea Flower Show to celebrate the opening of British Summer Season.

Since 2013, Her Majesty has worn the Chelsea Diamond Jubilee Brooch on many occasions to open this most prestigious gardening show on earth.

Every time we see her wear this brooch, we enjoy a great sense of warmth for the statement she makes to wear a piece that was created by a company who believes in crafting remarkable jewellery and ornaments, with respect for our world and its peoples.

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