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Re-Purposing Jewellery – Sustainably

Re-purposing jewellery with sustainability, creativity and sentimental values in mind!

If you, like me, are staying home as much as possible as we weather this crisis, you are likely finding creative ways to pass the time. Recently in our home, we completed a deep spring clean of items in storage. Naturally, we reminisced about these items and how they came to be in our lives.

Our belongings often have that effect on us – reminders of our life experiences.

In the world of goldsmithing, I am fortunate to handle beautiful and meaningful items on a regular basis. I see my role as helping my clients create new memories through design and craftsmanship.

An effective – and sustainable – way to create new memories is by re-purposing old jewellery pieces. Precious metals can be reused time and again and crafted into new pieces – without losing their original sentiment. A new pendant, crafted from granny’s old rings, for example, maintains the family bond for another generation.

As we bunker down in our homes for the weeks to come, consider this:

  • Do you have old jewellery that you no longer wear?
  • Have you inherited or been gifted jewellery that is not quite to your taste?
  • Have you dreamed of creating something new that is just your style?

This would be a fun project to keep you positive and keep the lockdown boredom at bay!

I am available remotely, via Teams or Zoom, for one-on-one consultations to create a design especially for you. You can draw on my years of knowledge and understanding of designing fine jewellery to advise and guide you as you start on this wonderful journey.

As a Master Goldsmith,  you can trust me to lovingly hand craft your piece of jewellery. I will photograph it and load it to your account where you will be able to see the whole making process until your new piece is complete.

Your piece will then be shipped to you, wherever you are located!

To learn more about the commissioning process, I invite you to read here or if you are based outside of Australia, please read here.

Need some inspiration? Have a look at our jewellery collections online or enjoy our Instagram feed.


I wish you all the best of health and safety during these testing times.

Kristjan Eyjolfsson

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