Þú og Ég Ring Fine

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A refined interpretation of timeless bridal design, commission your unique timeless Scandinavian Wedding ring. Classic bridal designs and exceptional craftsmanship by Jewellery Designer Kristjan Eyjolfsson

Our timeless bridal design offering, Þú og Ég (pronounced /thu og eg/), refers to the “You and Me” in Old Norse. Þú og Ég represents a relationship that is united by two different individuals who are confident, harmonious and above all are proud to be different.

This timeless collection is both classic and modern and is defined by impeccable craftsmanship and indelible style.

Each unique wedding and engagement ring is handcrafted in our Sydney atelier and made especially for every client. These enchanting pieces are rendered with flawless attention to detail to deliver a truly exceptional testament to enduring love and foster cherished memories.

Customisable and meticulously handcrafted in 18ct sustainably-sourced gold or platinum.


Moreover, all pieces handcrafted in Sydney.


Kristjan Eyjolfsson, Sydney