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Okkar Jörð (Our Earth in Icelandic)

When I was a young man, I developed a habit to collect stones from every place I visit to serve as a reminder of my travel and the importance of these places to my personal journey. The stones come from anywhere – for example the side of a road, a lake, or a garden. The stones don’t have to be pretty or valuable in terms of their geological composition; for me, they are very personal reminders of my experiences. I have been fortunate enough to travel regularly for half of my life, and so I have quite the collection by now. For me, these stones have now become like little reference points of where I’ve been.

Last year, I was chatting with a client who shared that she and her father have this habit as well. It was nice to see that I was not alone in this and made me keen to pass this habit along to my daughter one day. That conversation with my client did get me thinking of the fact that I always imagined doing something special with the stones I had collected. Instead of having them gather dust, I thought that I could wear them as jewellery so as to keep these experiences close to me. Besides, I am sure there are many more people who collect stones like this, so why not design a collection around it?

And so, the Jörð Pendant Collection (Earth in Icelandic) was born. As standard, this collection is handcrafted in sustainable Sterling Silver, Gold, or Platinum. It features a genuine Icelandic lava rock and a choice of cabochon garnets, blue Iolites, or green tsavorites. The lava stone can be replaced with a special stone from your unique journey and cut to fit your own Jörð pendant. As with all of our pieces, the pendants can be further customised to suit personal tastes and different cabochon stones can be easily into your unique pendant.

More information will be available on my website in the coming days!

I wish you all safe and exciting travels this year.

Kristjan Eyjolfsson

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