Vikingur Collection

Unique works of high quality fine jewellery artistry that capture the enduring Viking spirit

Kristjan Eyjolfsson pays tribute to his ancestors and captures the enduring Viking spirit through his admired Fine Jewellery Vikingur collection.

Brave, proud and adventurous, each collection piece tells a distinct story by incorporating elements of traditional Icelandic sagas and runes.

Most noteworthy, this collection prominently features highly prized Viking gemstones such as iolites and garnets. A contemporary twist is added through the use of black diamonds.

Customisable and meticulously handcrafted in sustainably-sourced sterling silver, 18ct gold or platinum.

Moreover, all pieces handcrafted in Sydney.


Kristjan Eyjolfsson, Sydney

Dear Valued Customers,

Due to a surge in demand, Kristjan Eyjolfsson Fine Jewellery is not accepting new orders for the next 6 months. 

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to crafting more exquisite pieces for you soon. 

Kristjan Eyjolfsson

Kristjan Eyjolfsson