Your International Bespoke Journey

Bespoke or Custom made Icelandic fine Jewellery for international clients.

Kristjan Eyjolfsson enjoys an ever-growing international client base who, thanks to shrinking global distances due to the Internet and accessible travel and delivery options, receive the highest level of quality craftsmanship and a highly personal experience – in the same way, as his local clients do.

With its enduring and nostalgic qualities, jewellery has the distinct ability to transcend style and become symbolic of personal moments, stories and emotions. We proudly offer you the opportunity to own one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate individuality with the striking artistry of Kristjan Eyjolfsson’s Scandinavian style fine jewellery and craftsmanship.

Whether it’s an original work or a reinterpretation of a family heirloom, our bespoke commissions blur the line between personal adornment and fine art. This exclusive process sees you involved at all stages: from the initial sketches and stone selection, through to the finishing details.

The end result is a uniquely stunning creation that is yours and yours alone.

To discuss your exciting new jewellery creation and explore your options, please feel free to contact us via

Please be advised that Bespoke or Custom made Icelandic fine Jewellery for international clients takes a minimum of 6 weeks to complete depending on the specific nature of the project, so we encourage you to get in touch early if you have an important date in mind for your new jewelry to be completed by.

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We typically begin the bespoke journey with a conversation – via video skype session, over the phone or via email. During this conversation, we discuss your initial ideas. Please understand that jewellery and ornament design prices can vary a lot depending on the complexity of the design and materials used. If you have a budget in mind, we encourage you to share this, as it will enable us to provide guidance around options to suit you.

When you decide to go ahead with your custom-made fine Jewellery commission, we request for a 50% deposit to finalise your design and begin the journey of bringing your design to life. At this stage, we share artwork that represents how your design will look once complete. If you would like to make any changes, we will incorporate these before crafting of your piece begins. Please note that if the changes are significant, additional charges may apply. For example, if you want to add extra stones or change metal from gold to platinum. However, we will share updated costs with you at this time.

Once you are 100% happy with your design based on the artwork we have provided, crafting of your piece can begin.

Bringing your design to life is in skilled and caring hands. We have been handcrafting bespoke jewellery and ornaments for clients for over 25 years and remain committed to applying exceptional craftsmanship to each and every single piece we produce.

Kristjan Eyjolfsson takes pride in helping you realise your vision and our aim is to ensure you are happy with your bespoke piece. We invite our customers to at least one fitting of their piece to ensure ideal sizing and comfort. For international clients, we often create a prototype which we will send to you for fitting. This is followed by a Skype meeting in which we discuss sizing and comfort. At this point, small changes to the design may be requested, but please note that you may incur additional charges if significant changes are requested or if the piece has to be remade.

Your completed design, which has now come to life, is ready to collected or be delivered. At this stage, final payment is requested before shipping or collection.

The result is a unique custom-made fine jewellery creation, handcrafted just for you.