Repurposing Jewellery with Sustainability, Creativity, and Sentimental Values in Mind!

If you are like me, and enjoy spending quality time at home, you’ve probably been exploring different ways to bring value to this special life we have here together. Recently, my family and I embarked on a thorough spring cleaning of our storage items. Naturally, as we went through these belongings, we found ourselves reminiscing about their significance and the memories attached to them.
Our possessions have a way of evoking emotions and reminding us of our life experiences.
Being highly involved in the world of Goldsmithing, I am fortunate enough to work with stunning and meaningful pieces on a regular basis. I see my role as an opportunity to assist my clients in creating new memories through innovative designs and meticulous craftsmanship, this is where repurposing old Jewellery with sustainability comes in mind.
An effective and sustainable approach to building new memories is by repurposing old Jewellery pieces. Gems, just like precious metals, can be repurposed and transformed into new creations without losing their original sentimental value. For instance, by crafting a new pendant or brooch from your grandmother’s repurposed gemstones, you can preserve the family connection for generations to come.

As we spend more time at home in the weeks ahead, I encourage you to consider the following:

• Do you have any old gemstone jewelry that you no longer wear?
• Have you inherited or received jewelry that doesn’t align with your personal style?
• Have you ever dreamt of designing a unique piece that reflects your individual taste?

Embarking on such a project could be an enjoyable way to stay positive and beat the monotony of everyday life and celebrate significant milestones with an item you yourself envisioned!
I am available for remote consultations via platforms like Facetime to help you create a design that is tailored to your preferences. Drawing upon my extensive knowledge and understanding of fine jewelry design, I can offer advice and guidance as you embark on this wonderful journey of repurposing your old jewellery.
As a Master Goldsmith, you can trust me to lovingly handcraft your personalized piece of jewelry. I will document the process through photographs, which will share with you, so you can witness the creation of your new piece from start to finish.
Once completed, your piece will be shipped to you, regardless of your location!
To learn more about the commissioning process, I invite you to read here. If you are located outside of Australia, like majority of my clients please refer to this link for further information.
Need some inspiration? Take a look at our online jewelry collections or explore our Instagram feed.
Contact Kristjan today and discuss with him your exciting plans for your meaningful new jewellery
Furthermore read some of the latest magazine features, a discussion on Kristjan Eyjolfsson’s ethical fine jewelry creations.

I wish you all the best and enjoy the adventures ahead!
Kristjan Eyjolfsson

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Kristjan Eyjolfsson